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Lemon Jack Herer, Orange Cookies, and Key Lime Pie walk in with Yuzu-Truffle and Candied Dashi. Meet the stars of your evening.

House Caviar invites you to our first Omakase and cannabis dinner party on December 15th. We’ve designed a beautiful night for our guests that includes three fresh flower strains hand picked by House Caviar and a 7-course meal prepared by Trifecta Cooks. There will be champagne and rose offered as well as delectable desserts to end the night.

Location: Milpitas, CA

Date/Time: Saturday, Dec 15, 7-10 pm; please be punctual.

Cost: $150 cash w/o the pairing; $175 cash w/ the pairing to be collected at the door

Waitlist Instructions:

Our event is sold out. If you would like to be put on the wait list, fill out the following information below. We will contact you via email once your ticket becomes available.

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