what we do

We are unique in our service offerings because we cater to the consumer and the industry. Want cannabis serviced at your next event? We can do that. Need a redesign for your cannabis brand’s logo? We can do that too.  Check it out below.


events services

From House Calls to Full Event Planning, House Caviar can help you with your event. Host a one-of-a-kind party for your family, friends, or colleagues, and let us help you elevate their experience.


design services

Design is a core principle of House Caviar, and it is in everything we do. This includes the people we work with. We help our friends and clients brand and design their projects, to make them appealing to a modern cannabis market. Who knows, maybe we can help you as well. 🙂



There are many brands that have been around for a lot longer than us, or have accomplished a lot more. These are our friends. We like to partner with like-minded brands and individuals, to push the envelope with cutting edge products with the highest quality product.


let’s talk!

Interested in using House Caviar at your next event?